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Rezūm BPH Therapy

Rezūm therapy is a minimally invasive treatment option for Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) – a non-cancerous enlargement of the prostate gland.

Rezūm utilises water vapor energy to treat the excess prostate tissue, reducing the symptoms associated with BPH and improving urinary flow.

Overview of Rezūm Therapy

Rezūm therapy involves the use of a device that delivers sterile water vapor directly into the prostate tissue. The water vapor is created by heating water within the device, and when injected into the prostate, it causes targeted destruction of the excess tissue. This process is known as convective water vapor energy ablation.

During the procedure, a urologist inserts a small handheld device, called a Rezūm generator, into the urethra. The device releases small bursts of water vapor into the prostate, which are absorbed by the surrounding tissue. The vapor causes the cells in the prostate to undergo necrosis (cell death) and subsequent reabsorption by the body’s immune system. Over time, the treated prostate tissue shrinks, relieving the pressure on the urethra and improving urinary symptoms.

Rezūm therapy is typically recommended for individuals with moderate to severe urinary symptoms caused by BPH. Candidates for Rezūm therapy may have experienced inadequate relief from medications or wish to avoid traditional surgical interventions. A thorough evaluation by a urologist is necessary to determine if Rezūm therapy is suitable based on individual circumstances, prostate size, and overall health.

Rezūm therapy is usually performed as a day surgery procedure under general anaesthesia. The treatment typically takes about 10 to 15 minutes, although the duration may vary depending on the size of the prostate. Following the procedure, individuals may experience temporary urinary symptoms such as frequency, urgency, and discomfort. These symptoms usually subside within a few weeks.

Rezūm therapy offers several advantages for individuals seeking treatment for BPH:

  • Minimally invasive: Rezūm therapy is performed through the urethra, avoiding the need for external incisions.
  • Effective symptom relief: Studies have shown that Rezūm therapy can significantly improve urinary symptoms and urinary flow rate.
  • Preserves sexual function: Rezūm therapy is less likely to cause sexual side effects compared to some other BPH treatments.
  • Outpatient procedure: Most individuals can return home on the same day and resume normal activities within a few days.


However, it’s important to consider the following aspects:

  • Potential side effects: Temporary urinary symptoms, such as urgency and discomfort, can occur following the procedure.
  • Gradual symptom improvement: It may take a few weeks to months to experience the full benefits of Rezūm therapy as the treated prostate tissue is reabsorbed.
  • Not suitable for all cases: Rezūm therapy may not be recommended for individuals with certain anatomical or medical conditions.

As with any medical procedure, it is important to consult with a healthcare professional, such as a urologist, to determine if Rezūm therapy is appropriate based on individual circumstances and to discuss potential risks and benefits.

Dr Richard Savdie


Dr Savdie is a highly-experienced Sydney-based urologist and uro-oncology surgeon specialising in minimally-invasive robotic surgery and laparoscopic surgery.

He consults and operates at multiple leading private and public hospitals around the Eastern Suburbs.