Eastern Suburbs Urology

For Patients

Your First Appointment

On the day of your appointment, please arrive 10-minutes early to ensure we have enough time to prepare any outstanding paperwork.

We are mindful that your time is valuable and would like to avoid keeping you waiting.  However, occasionally a patient may present that requires a little extra time spent on them, which may cause unforeseeable scheduling delays beyond our control. Where possible, we will advise you if we are running late. We apologise in advance if you are kept waiting.

During your first appointment, a thorough medical and diagnostic work-up may be required.

If you have completed any tests, please send these to our practice manager ([email protected]) prior to your appointment so Dr Savdie can review in advance. Occasionally, Dr Savdie might ask you to obtain additional tests prior to your appointment.

You are welcome to bring a support person to your appointment if you wish to do so.

  • Once you have secured an appointment time and date, you will be requested to complete our Online Patient Registration Form prior to your appointment so that you don’t have to complete it on the day.
  • If you prefer to complete your questionnaire on the day in person, then please arrive earlier to allow time for your paperwork to be completed.
  • A current referral from your GP or Specialist.
  • Medicare, DVA and Pension cards.
  • Your Private Health Insurance details.
  • Any tests or scans, including blood tests, ultrasounds, X-rays, MRIs or CTs you have had done.
  • A list of all medications you are on (including prescription, vitamins, supplement or herbal medicines).
  • Any relevant correspondence from other specialists who may be involved in your care.
  • List of any known allergies.
  • A list of any questions you may wish to ask so you don’t forget on the day.

If the condition relates to a Workers Compensation claim, please bring your claim number, approval letter for appointment, insurer details, name and contact details of your case manager.

We happily offer telehealth consultations, but unfortunately Medicare does not offer a rebate for the initial consultation, so the first consultation is entirely out-of-pocket. Medicare rebates are available for all subsequent telehealth consultations, however.

If you have booked a telehealth consult via our team, we will send you details of how to connect.  If you do not receive these, please call us.

  • We are a private clinic and charge private-practices fees (no bulk-billing).
  • Full payment is required on the day of your appointment for a visit in person. We then send the claim to Medicare on your behalf and you will receive the Medicare rebate directly into your nominated bank account, usually within 2 working days.
  • Full upfront payment in advance is required for all Telehealth consultations. You may wish to pay at the time of booking, or we will contact you a week before your appointment to arrange.
  • Private health insurance does not cover consultation costs unless you are an inpatient in the hospital.

If you need to cancel an appointment, please telephone our clinic during business hours and allow at least 24 – 48 hours’ notice so that we can offer your appointment time to other patients waiting for a consultation.  Same-day cancellations may attract a cancellation fee, which would need to be paid before further consultations are offered.

If you undergo surgery, the necessary post-operative appointments will be scheduled. These are important appointments to monitor your recovery progress and avoid complications.